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Le leadership des femmes dans la pratique – Maître Joanna Mamczur

Mamczur Law Firm - Adwokat Joanna Mamczur Maître Joanna Mamczur – l’avocate fondatrice de Mamczur Law Firm ( a le plaisir d'annoncer que l’année 2020 était son deuxième mandat au cours duquel elle a été la Présidente Nationale de la Jeune Chambre Economique en Pologne – c’est-à-dire la Fédération Polonaise des Associations JCI – qui [...]

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International Data Transfers between the EU and the USA

Data Transfers between the EU and the USA after Schrems II – European Data Protection Board's guidelines & mitigation of compliance risk in IT The Court of Justice of the European Union issued on 16 July 2020 the Schrems II vs Facebook ruling which resulted in the invalidation of the Privacy Shield. As this decision [...]

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Joanna Mamczur – expert speaker at the Cybersecurity Conference

On 5th December attorney-at-law Joanna Mamczur had the pleasure to speak at the Cybersecurity Conference The H@ck Summit gathering over 1000 cybersecurity experts from Poland and abroad. Joanna spoke about the Schrems II case: "Privacy Shield between the USA and EU invalidated - mitigation of compliance risk in IT" You may see the video from [...]

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JCI World Congress by JCI Yokohama, Japan

Joanna Mamczur represented JCI Poland as the National President of JCI Poland at the JCI World Congress organized by JCI Yokohama, Japan. The participation in the Congress included several formal meetings, General Assemblies of JCI Europe and JCI World, participation in trainings as well as holding trainings. Joanna had the pleasure to deliver the presentation [...]

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International commerce – Master Class

Thinking of developing your business into a new market but you don't know what to expect, how to prepare and what the process will look like? Register to the Master Class "The Milestones for Developing Business in a New Country - common challenges", the program built for the participants of JCI Euro-Asian Conference - where [...]

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EU-USA Privacy Shield invalidated in the recent court ruling against Facebook – important & costly consequences for other businesses

The Court of Justice of the European Union issued on 16 July 2020 information about the Schrems II vs Facebook ruling which shall trigger expensive consequences of business adaptation/ legal compliance to the GDPR rules and the risk of potential financial sanctions for businesses which do not comply with the personal data protection. Question: How [...]

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We believe in sustainable business. Join us on the path of promoting the Global Goals of Sustainable Development of the United Nations in the daily business. Have a look at how we see it, we would be happy to walk you through the possibilities of implementing SDGs in your business model. Please see below the [...]

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Our support for international business – Switzerland

Are you a Swiss company entering the Polish market or working with Polish business partners?  Have a look at the video below to see how we can support your business in Poland.   We support your business through various phases - from startup stage, registration, privacy protection, through the development of the existing business model [...]

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Le cabinet d’avocats Mamczur – qui sommes nous?

Joanna Mamczur Joanna Mamczur est avocate à Varsovie. Depuis plusieurs années, elle conseille ses clients polonais et internationaux dans le domaine du droit commercial. Langues: polonais, anglais, français et allemand. Son expertise comprend: la banque et la finance, le droit des sociétés, les fusions et acquisitions et la négociation de contrats commerciaux. [...]

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Video content

Have a look at the selection of our video content that might be interesting for you at: On this site you may find a collection of videos that show the human side of our business, with a particular focus on education and developing international networks. We are involved not only in the legal advisory [...]

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