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Education: masterminds, courses, e-learning, online library

Anyone who has known us for sometime has noted that alongside with providing individually tailored legal services, we have also held, a number of local and international sessions:

  • business mastermind sessions,

  • legal courses and trainings,

  • meetups, workshops,

  • webinars,

  • seminars and conferences

– where we shared the knowledge about building sustainable business.

During those meetings and courses we took a practical problem-solving approach and diagnosed the business needs of our partners and clients and we shared recommendations on legal compliance, in particular on the GDPR compliance and implementation.

Should you have any individual requests regarding such meetings, feel free to contact the Mamczur Law Firm at:


Mamczur Law Firm GDPR resources platform

We are pleased to inform you that as a part of the development of our educational activities we have launched a GDPR resources platform with selected information, documents, videos and courses on personal data protection under the GDPR. Soon we will also make available other e-learning products which will allow you broaden your knowledge in online courses on our e-learning platforms.

You will find more information at:

Mamczur Business Law Platform 


Guides and publications

We intive you to explore our publications in press as well as those available online. Below you may find the references to our guides published on Amazon in English and in Japanese.

We have also published a number of articles in medical and IT press on personal data protection.


GDPR vs. machine learning

Amazon publication in English

– GDPR applied to machine learning – ebook by attorney-at-law Joanna Mamczur


Amazon publication in Japanese

– GDPR applied to machine learning – ebook by attorney-at-law Joanna Mamczur