Mamczur Law Firm has been established by attorney-at-law/ adwokat Joanna Mamczur in 2014 in Warsaw as business law practice focused on international corporate law, real-life challenges and people.

We believe that people are the key assets of companies and that true leaders grow through challenges. Our goal is to support them in their growth and help them develop successful businesses.

Our expertise for domestic and international clients includes:

corporate law, commercial contracts, personal data protection (GDPR) / data security, banking & finance.

Languages: Polish, English, French, German

Clients who cooperate with Mamczur Law Firm appreciate the individual approach to their requests, clear guidance through the complex legal and business matters and the focus on simple, transparent solutions.

Our communication with Clients starts with asking questions which enable us to undersand the specifics of their business, daily challenges, see through the internal stuctures as well as external challenges such as competitors or regulatory changes.

This approach not only brings us closer to the business specifics but also enables a better communication with the business owners and their staff. As a consequence, we often become a part of their Team and support in the daily decision-making process rather than just one-off counsels.

We highly appreciate working on interntional aspects of business, whether for Polish Clients who negotiate contracts with foreign business partners – or for foreign companies that seek to expand their business in the Polish market.


Attorney-at-law Joanna Mamczur applies in her daily practice the extensive experience in international law gained at multimillion transactions work in leading corporate law firms – as well as in work with the SME business Clients.

Being the owner of the law practice, she also holds Law degrees from 4 universities in 3 European countries: France (Paris, Tours), Germany (Frankfurt am Main) and Poland (Łódź) – as well as the Executive MBA degree.

Joanna has 14 years of professional experience; in the meantime, she has graduated all levels of education amongst top students. In her corporate law career, she has been applying this knowledge and delivering the highest value for the Clients. Actionalble and clear solutions, supported by the thorough research and preparation of transaction documents have always been the leading values in her daily work.

Joanna is also an active member of international associations of young leaders and entrepreneurs, taking the responsibility for managing projects and teams on the local, national and international levels. She is a strong advocate of constant learning, adapting and improving personal and professional skills – and she is keen on sharing this knowledge with Clients and in NGO undertakings.

These credentials enable her to understand business internationally and support her clients from countries such as Germany, Sweden, Italy, France, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Poland etc.

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