The time since spring 2021 has been dominated by activities related to FinTech and developing a startup in open banking niche. This has brought us to co-creating a FinTech ecosystem in Poland, including the creation of the innovative program of FinTech Postgraduate Studies at the University of Łódź. We're proud to be one of the partners - Joanna Mamczur has been invited as a lecturer for regulatory framework of FinTech in this program. First classes started in October 2023. A dedicated FinTech educational program for professionals has resulted as a by-product of Mamczur Law Firm's involvement in these activities.

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Jak przygotować się do pozyskania klientów zagranicznych B2B w branży IT

Już 21 stycznia 2021 r. o godz. 18 zapraszamy na warsztat dla branży IT Rejestracja: Zapraszamy na warsztat online 21 stycznia o godz. 18: Jak przygotować się do pozyskania klientów zagranicznych B2B w branży IT To praktyczny warsztat dla managerów, team leaderów w IT, specjalistów Business Development i sprzedaży, PM, przedsiębiorców oraz zarządów firm technologicznych, [...]

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International commerce – Master Class

Thinking of developing your business into a new market but you don't know what to expect, how to prepare and what the process will look like? Register to the Master Class "The Milestones for Developing Business in a New Country - common challenges", the program built for the participants of JCI Euro-Asian Conference - where [...]

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Our support for international business – Switzerland

Are you a Swiss company entering the Polish market or working with Polish business partners?  Have a look at the video below to see how we can support your business in Poland.   We support your business through various phases - from startup stage, registration, privacy protection, through the development of the existing business model [...]

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Les RDV des groupes de Business Mastermind

Business Mastermind Cet événement donne l’occasion de discuter des affaires dans une atmosphère informelle et de gagner de nouveaux contacts, en particulier liés aux entreprises en ligne. Pendant la période de pandemie, nous organisons les session de mastermind regulièrement afin de supporter les entrepreneurs et les gérants d'entreprises. Il s’agit d’une plateforme pour les entrepreneurs [...]

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Our story

Mamczur Law Firm has been established by attorney-at-law/ adwokat Joanna Mamczur in 2014 in Warsaw as business law practice focused on international corporate law, real-life challenges and people. We believe that people are the key assets of companies and that true leaders grow through challenges. Our goal is to support them in their growth and [...]

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