#JCIPoland and JCI #Finland invite you to join our session of #Togethernet24h – the 24-hour marathon of lectures and workshops on #leadership in the times of challenges and dynamic changes. www.togethernet24h.com

As a part of our contribution, we’re inviting you to join the #BusinessMastermind session where we’ve be provided practical tips for #SME businesses: “How to find and build the competitive advantage in the times of crisis?” You will find there practical tips on leadership and #sustainability in companies as crucial components of staying afloat and going beyond your competitors in the fast-changing market.

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poland(at)jci.cc www.facebook.com/JCIPoland www.jci.cc


Details: JCI Poland invites you to the Business Mastermind session with experienced professionals whose passionate conversation about business will help you find competitive advantages & good practices for your company – through the principles of effective leadership and sustainability.

Speakers: CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs and experts from the fields of IT, Supply Chain, Leadership, Law, Marketing and digital education who share their know-how and experiences based on real-life examples of developing their own businesses as well as supporting companies from micro-scale to big international groups.

Joanna Mamczur – National President of JCI Poland, Attorney-at-law at Mamczur Law Firm

Joanna is the National President of JCI Poland and international business lawyer admitted to the Bar of Advocates in Warsaw.

Joanna gained professional experienced in recognized international law firms and has been running her own practice Mamczur Law Firm (www.mamczur.com). She has been providing legal advice on complex international corporate law issues in Banking & Finance, restructuring, contracts negotiations, personal data protection, litigation etc. for corporations, SMEs and startups. In years 2007-2011 highly involved in the #management of legal issues emerging from the global financial #crisis. Graduated with law degrees from the universities in France, Germany and Poland.

Joanna is passionate for the concept of #lifelonglearning and, therefore, enjoys learning & teaching, moderating #Business #Mastermind sessions.

Katarzyna Geiger (Kasia) – Supply Chains Expert based in Switzerland, Pragmathica

Kasia is an experienced international supply chain manager in both international corporate and SME environments. She holds degrees in economics, culture science and sustainable value chains from German and British universities. Her interests focus on the impact of sustainability concerns on supply chain and corporate strategy making, business sustainability, education for sustainable development, and social enterprises and sustainable Lifestyle.

Michael Młynarski (Michał) – Founder and CEO of IT company of 200 people – based in Munich, Germany

Michael is the founder and CEO of QualityMinds (www.qualityminds.com) a company focusing on Quality Assurance and Agile Methods in Software Engineering. He is leading over 200 awesome minds across Germany, Poland and Netherlands. The company is based on principles known from New Work & Agile Organisation Models.

His “Herzblut” is mainly Leadership, Technology and Innovation. Besides QualityMinds Michael is also an Investor and Business Angels for several startups in IT and BioTech. He originally comes from Poland and has a PhD in Computer Science.

Wojciech Paździor (Wojtek) – Founder and CEO at Active Strategy based in Wrocław, Poland

Founder and CEO at Active Strategy, a consultant and trainer since 2003. He specializes in improving leadership skills and teamwork in IT and manufacturing companies.

Customers contact him when they want to change the style of team management or the company culture and atmosphere. He designs and delivers programs for entrepreneurs, managers and project managers. He has worked with: 3M, Allegro, Atos, Oracle, Samsung, Siemens, Techland, Volvo, Volkswagen, Whirlpool.

Damian Ratajczak – business owner and CEO at Sowa Marketing Agency and at #QUPI, based in Poznań, #Poland

Damian is the CEO of QUPI.com, the world’s largest medical question bank, and SOWA Marketing, a global business consultancy. Damian has a proven track-record in using technology to find innovative solutions to common problems. Working with clients in medical education, lingerie and publishing, Damian achieved success at helping companies expand their audience and convert a local following into a global fanbase.

Damian connects experts in the medical knowledge with those who have the technical know-how to make studying medicine easier. This same passion for making connections powers Damian’s approach to SOWA marketing, whose clients are based around the globe. #NGO #JCI #JCIFinland

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