Innovation Advocate

In December 2023 we launched a new service: Innovation Advocate Innovation Advocate is a business consulting service which empowers innovation ecosystem and ESG/ sustainability framework. We support your development in the regulated markets and help you connect and cooperate with business partners. Services for business, startups, VC, accelerators, NGOs and academia. Innovation-specific services delivered by Mamczur Law Firm ( and partners. International law, with focus on FinTech, corporate law, commercial contracts and personal data protection. Unique mix of professional expertise and international business network. The understanding of cultural differences and communication in several languages, incl. English, French, Polish and German make you feel connected and understood when you are growing your business. Innovation Advocate has a strong background in NGO and non-profit organizations and ESG framework because we believe in making a positive social, business and environmental impact through sustainable business and active citizenship.

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The time since spring 2021 has been dominated by activities related to FinTech and developing a startup in open banking niche. This has brought us to co-creating a FinTech ecosystem in Poland, including the creation of the innovative program of FinTech Postgraduate Studies at the University of Łódź. We're proud to be one of the partners - Joanna Mamczur has been invited as a lecturer for regulatory framework of FinTech in this program. First classes started in October 2023. A dedicated FinTech educational program for professionals has resulted as a by-product of Mamczur Law Firm's involvement in these activities.

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